What makes aquabio Naturkosmetik different from conventional cosmetics?

Our Aquabio Naturkosmetik products are made without synthetic colorants and aromas, preservatives, paraffin, silicones, petro-chemical oils and sundry dubious ingredients. What’s more, we use many organic raw materials. Tests performed by dermatologists confirm skin tolerance and effectivity of the products.
Conventional cosmetic products frequently contain paraffin and synthetic ingredients. Mineral oils leave a film on the skin, under which it starts to sweat.
The annoying fact of the matter is that the skin believes it now has sufficient oil and moisture production, and slowly reduces its own natural production of oil and moisture.
This often leads to the skin feeling increasingly drier and tauter.
But the skin is able to absorb the premium plant extracts and active substance oils in Aquabio products really well, thus giving it the best protection, care and support – the natural way.
Would you like to find out more about the premium-quality raw materials? Have a look at our ingredients ABC.

Are aquabio products effective in fighting facial wrinkles?

While our products cannot completely stop or prevent the biological process of the formation of wrinkles, facial wrinkles can be reduced with our care product lines, and the formation of new wrinkles slowed down.
When you decide to use aquabio, the decision is for high-quality natural cosmetic products that protect and care for the skin on your face, giving you a lovely appearance.

Which ingredients are the ones that tone up the skin?

In the PHYTO range: Indian myrrh and organic pomegranate seed extract. THALASSO: spirulina extract (algae). In the GOLD range: hyaluron, liquorice root extract, plant-sourced squalane, Senegal acacia extract.

Which Aquabio product would you recommend for which types of skin?

Our PHYTO anti-aging line is tailor-made for skin from the age of 30, providing plenty of moisture to keep the first wrinkles at bay. For demanding skin from the age of 40, you would use our THALASSO care line. Mature skin from 50 upwards is regenerated wonderfully with GOLD facial care.
From 2015 there will be new aquabio product lines. For skin prone to impurities and combination skin we recommend the new product line - BALANCING. MOISTURIZING looks after dry skin perfectly with its moisturizing care. For sensitive and allergic skin, we find the SENSITIVE line simply ideal. To combat age spots and to give you a glowing complexion, why not try our recommended aquabio RADIANCE product line?

Which product is suitable for sensitive skin?

Aquabio are active substance cosmetics, and some of these products are preserved with potassium sorbate. As active substances, if at all, we use only soothing raw materials for sensitive skin. Testing of the aquabio range for sensitive skin has not been performed. Most of the Sensitive products are offered without perfume, or at least without fragrances which have to be declared and can cause allergies. In general, aquabio products contain perfume oil. From 2015, aquabio’s own product line – Sensitive – will be on the market. We shall keep you posted with all further information about this.

Which range is suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

PHYTO - all PHYTO products are vegan.

Is aquabio Naturkosmetik suitable for men, too?

Yes, of course – all of our products are simply perfect for men’s skincare, too.

Why are cleansing products important for facial care?

Glowing skin begins with gentle, but thorough cleansing. Using our mild aquabio cleansing products, you gently exfoliate dirt, dust, grease and make-up from your skin – freeing up the pores, and leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Then spray one of our face toners onto your skin to provide deep moisture and prepare it for the following care step.

Do you have a peeling product or mask?

It is possible to mix your own PHYTO peeling using: two teaspoonfuls of Balancing Serum, one teaspoonful of Facial Tonic and 0.5 ml of bamboo fibre.
Then, massage the peeling gently into the skin on your face and neck using circular movements, and rinse off with lots of lukewarm water.
A THALASSO peeling can be created using 2 tsp of Moisture Serum, 1 tsp of Facial Tonic and 0.5 g of rose extract. For a GOLD peeling, take 2 tsp of Energy Serum, and mix with 1 tsp of Facial Tonic and 0.5 g of liquorice extract.
To make your own mask, take one ampoule of Intensive Treatment, 7 ml of Night Cream and 2 ml of spirulina seaweed extract. Spread the Intensive Treatment onto your face, neck and décolleté. After this, add some lukewarm water to the spirulina extract and stir well.
Add the Night Cream and stir again. Then spread evenly over your face, neck and décolleté and leave it to take effect for 10 minutes – and enjoy! Rinse off thoroughly.

Our tip: to obtain the consistency of massage cream, mix Lifting Fluid with Night Cream at a ratio of 1:1.

Why do you need special care for the eye area?

The skin round the eyes is very thin and delicate, which is why it needs extra special care.
There are very few sebaceous and sweat glands to be found in the skin in the eye area, therefore this area has a very low supply of moisture. This is why little wrinkles appear here quite quickly, too.
Our vegan eye care in the PHYTO series, for example, replenishes the moisture level of the skin by 66 % after only 28 days, and dermatologists confirm a reduction in wrinkles of 19 %. All of our eye care products are tested for eye tolerance and are ideally suited for contact lens wearers.

What is the difference between Lifting Fluid and Serum? In using them, too?

Lifting Fluid has a creamy consistency and can be used as a supplement or instead of a day cream. You feel how it firms the skin and improves its elasticity. The Serum can also be used as a supplement or instead of your day and night care. It is a great moisture-provider with a light consistency you can really feel.

Do aquabio products have a natural sunscreen factor?

The aquabio product ranges do not feature a sunscreen.

Which ingredients are used to preserve the products?

For products in jars, the preservative is potassium sorbate, with an additional aroma derivate as a backup. In all other cases, only bio-alcohol is added. Other preservatives are not used.

What kind of storage do you recommend for your products?

The best is to store the products at room temperature, preferably not more than 15 degrees and well away from direct sunlight. If you follow these instructions, you can enjoy your products for a very long time.

Any more questions?
You can contact us from Mon-Fri from 9:00 – 17:00 at 05151 – 923 016 0 or via e-mail at info@aquabio.de