Pamper your skin with golden ingredients

Is your skin becoming more and more delicate? Has it become drier, thinner and is developing age spots and distinct wrinkles? Your skin‘s immune system is weaker than it was in younger years. Lacking or faulty cell metabolism repair functions cause more and more skin cells to die off. The intercellular exchange of essential substances sinks and lower oestrogen production fuels moisture loss. The thickness of the skin becomes less and wrinkling increases.GOLD

aquabio GOLD

  • The intensive anti-aging skincare for mature skin
  • With an exclusive active ingredient complex consisting of gold, silver and finest plant essences
  • Exquisite product formulation with highly effective active ingredient complexes


  • Light, fresh top notes of rosemary, citrus fruits and rosewood oil
  • Just a hint of tangy thyme for the heart note
  • Classic and elegant base note of cedar and patchouli

product overview

Cleansing Milk Facial Tonic Day Cream Night Cream
Cleansing Milk Facial Tonic Day Cream Night Cream
Lifting Fluid Eye Balm Energy Serum Intensive Treatment
Lifting Fluid Eye Balm Energy Serum Intensive Treatment

aquabio GOLD – intensive anti-aging skincare

Gold – its brilliance is magic, its effect pure beauty energy.
Gold and silver are pure regeneration for the skin.

  • Precious product formulations safeguard against external stress factors and harmful free radicals,
  • They visibly reduce lines and wrinkles and provide the skin with new elasticity, freshness and resilience.
  • The intensive anti-aging skincare for mature skin combats age-related demands and deficits with highly effective repair and nurture complexes

aquabio GOLD, the intensive anti-aging skincare for mature skin, pampers the skin with an exclusive cocktail of ingredients consisting of gold, silver, essences and minerals.

Active Ingredients

Gold and silver were considered exquisitely luxurious cosmetics even back in antiquity. aquabio GOLD combines these precious metals with sumptuous argan oil and other highly effective, innovative substances. All-round vitalization for mature skin!

Regeneration and Stimulation

Gold and silver play a decisive role in caring for cells, are optimally absorbed and counteract aging processes from the inside out. Their outstanding antibacterial properties guard against oxidative stress and inflammatory processes that accelerate the aging process. Further regenerative substances are argan oil and bamboo extract. Argan oil is an excellent scavenger and offers intensive anti-aging protection. Bamboo extract has a high silicic acid content, which stimulates essential vital functions.

Anti-Wrinkle Protection

Not only rhizobia, a substance from wheat, produces optimal firming effects and a visible reduction of wrinkles, but also an anti-aging innovation from the Senegal acacia.

Smoothing and Firming

The plant-based squalane has excellent smoothing and fat-replacing properties. What’s more, intensive and firming substances such as liquorice root and hyaluronic acid further optimize the skin‘s moisture supply.

Freshness and Radiance

With increasing age, the skin‘s blood circulation diminishes and the skin appears to be tired and sallow. Vitamin E stimulates the skin’s functions, and finest gold particles give you a soft, glowing and smooth complexion.

Precious Organic Quality

The very best of nature relies on organically grown extracts and oils. Grown from precious organic quality for aquabio GOLD: argan oil, jojoba, soya and almond oil as well as shea butter and eyebright extract.