Facial Tonic

GOLD Facial Tonic

Content: 125 ml
Effect: Smoothing, firming
Skin type: Dry and mature skin

A soothing, moisturizing formula with an inspiring scent – does not contain alcohol. The luxurious formula of gold, silver, hyaluronic acid and an anti-aging innovation of Acacia senegal stimulates, refreshes and optimally prepares the skin for further treatment.

Application: For vital and strengthened looking skin, use twice daily. Using a cotton pad, gently apply to cleansed face, throat and décolleté.

INCI: Purified water, plant-based glycerine, sugar alcohol, essential oils, sodium lactate, acacia extract, liquorice root extract, hyaluronic acid, silk protein, rhizobien extract, citric acid, gold, silver, essential oil components