Revitalize your skin with the energy of plants!

Fine lines and wrinkles are the first visible signs of the changes occurring in the skin. The skin is less elastic than it used to be, cells regenerate at a slower pace and the hydro-lipid film, the skin’s natural moisture supply, starts to lose its balance.


aquabio PHYTO

  • The effective plant-based active ingredient concept designed to combat first signs of aging
  • Retains the skin’s vitality through intense moisture supply
  • All-round protection against external stress factors that accelerate the premature aging process


  • Fresh top note with hints of peach and pear
  • Floral heart note of jasmine and vanilla blossom
  • Warm scent of vanilla forms the base note

product overview

Cleansing Mousse Facial Tonic Day Cream Night Cream
Cleansing Mousse Facial Tonic Day Cream Night Cream
Lifting Fluid Eye Gel Balancing Serum Intensive Treatment
Lifting Fluid Eye Gel Balancing Serum Intensive Treatment

Your ideal skincare concept to combat the first signs of aging

With aquabio PHYTO, enjoy feel-good care that protects your skin effectively from aging!
Mother Nature – she offers us the most effective substances for nurturing and stimulating the essential functions of the skin.

  • PHYTO is the effective plant-based active ingredient concept designed to combat the first signs of aging.
  • PHYTO combines intensive moisturizing with protective skincare.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.
  • The complexion looks and feels smooth.

Main active Ingredients

The components of our PHYTO product line, from a cleansing mousse to concentrated skincare treatments, supplement each other to create a clearly visible overall effect. Its active ingredient complexes unfold a broad spectrum of effectiveness against the first signs of aging.

Anti-Aging Protection

The innovative substance tiliroside effectively counteracts oxidative stress and inflammatory processes that accelerate the aging process, plus reducing wrinkles. The plant-based bioflavonoid is obtained from the young leaf hairs from the mallow bush and has an anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effect. It operates on the basis of a protective principle that safeguards plants from damages, e.g. caused by UV radiation. Vitamin E and green tea extract are yet further substances to combat the effects of free radicals.


Indian myrrh, obtained from the Guggulu bush, supplies the skin with a highly effective extract to stimulate vital cell functions in the skin. Its bolstering effect makes the skin appear smoother and firmer. The cell-stimulating and invigorating effects of caffeine can also be counted among the more effective anti-aging substances – naturally from certified organic cultivation. What’s more, the organic caffeine contained in PHYTO products helps the skin to regenerate.

Smoothing and Firming

The pomegranate seed extract from certified organic cultivation boosts skin regeneration and improves elasticity. Hibiscus protein is a substance which effectively and visibly decreases wrinkles. On top of that, intensive and firming moisturizers such as guava extract and hyaluronic acid further optimize the effect.

Freshness and Radiance

Caffeine improves blood circulation and stimulates skin functions, providing new radiance and freshness.

Precious Organic Quality

Organically grown extracts and oils are among the best nature has to offer. Exclusively in aquabio’s PHYTO product line: organic caffeine, extracted from coffee beans. PHYTO also contains pomegranate seed extract, shea butter, jojoba and sesame oil, almond, soya and apricot seed oil – every one of outstanding organic quality.Für ein junges Hautbild und einen rundum frischen Teint.