Regenerate your skin with the power of the sea

Does the mirror reveal wrinkles? Does your skin feel tense and less supple? Is elasticity decreasing? Over time, the body‘s own supply of nutrients starts to deplete, collagen reduces and is produced less and less. Damage caused by free radicals leaves more distinct marks. The skin loses firmness and contour. Cell regeneration is also steadily diminishing as is the number of hydrophilic molecules – the skin is no longer able to sufficiently store moisture and is becoming increasingly drier.


aquabio THALASSO

  • The regenerating skincare for demanding skin
  • With state-of-the-art anti-aging ingredients from the sea
  • Fortifies the skin‘s own protective function, stimulates regeneration and provides the skin with a real energy boost


  • Fresh top notes of orange and blackcurrant
  • Floral heart note of rose and lily
  • Soft lavender forms the base note

product overview

Cleansing Fluid Facial Tonic Day Cream Night Cream
Cleansing Fluid Facial Tonic Day Cream Night Cream
Lifting Fluid Eye Cream Moisture Serum Intensive Treatment
Lifting Fluid Eye Cream Moisture Serum Intensive Treatment

The luxurious nurturing skincare

The sea, the origin of life, holds a unique treasure of verifiable anti-aging ingredients.
Its unique product formulations maintain and fortify the skin‘s sensitive hydro-lipid balance.

  • Purposefully created combinations of ingredient complexes stimulate the vital functions of the skin, facilitating regeneration and firming of facial contours.
  • Lines, wrinkles and other symptoms of fatigue are effectively alleviated. The luxurious vital skincare for demanding skin unfolds its comprehensively protecting, stimulating and regenerative effects.

aquabio THALASSO combines the finest anti-aging ingredients from the sea into a regenerating vital and nurturing skincare for demanding skin.

Active Ingredients

aquabio THALASSO combines the principles of the classical Thalasso treatment with innovative facial care. The treasures of the sea‘s substances – their essential trace elements, minerals, vitamins and amino acids – offer pure vitalization for your skin.
Anti-Aging Protection and Regeneration
Betaglucan, an oyster mushroom extract, is a highly-effective anti-aging substance that activates the regeneration process and invigorates the skin‘s own immune system. In combination with highlyprotective vitamin E, betaglucan counteracts oxidative stress.


Samphira, a rock samphire extract, stimulates cell regeneration and strengthens thin skin. This extract makes a decisive contribution to protecting the skin from premature aging.

Anti-Wrinkle Effect

In combination with highly effective oceanic ingredients, apple seed extract is yet a further innovative ingredient in the aquabio Thalasso product line. It has been subject to extensive clinical testing. Results show a significant strengthening of the collagen network to minimize wrinkling.

Smoothing and Firming

Due to its abundant supply of vitamins and minerals, the blue-green algae spirulina has an excellent smoothing and soothing effect on the skin. The essential trace elements of yet another algae extract, a member of the brown algae family, fosters the skin‘s own ability to regenerate and contributes to a visibly firmer appearance of the skin.